Natalia PUTINĂ, Valentina TEOSA


This article seeks to realize an analyzing of the Georgia's way to Europe by its tendencies to harmonize the multiethnic landscape. Georgia is a diverse, multiethnic society of post-soviet States that has many common particularities inherited from the Soviet Union. Having characterized the emergence of political transformation in Georgia in the last years, the article goes to explore the ethnic policies and government strategies oriented to create a tolerant and democratic society related to its national minority that made politically closer to the European Union. For assuring a positive result it, have to improve the implication of the both parts. One side, the main goal of ethnic politics of state needs to be the protection of identity of that segment of the population and an equilibrate naturalization by accommodation in the community States, other side, the ethnic groups of the mast to wish to live wholly in the democratic States.


ethnic politics, the integration of national minorities, minority communities, post-Soviet state etc.

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